What we gained from our week together.

As teachers and artists we need to allow time for participating in the creative acts that we teach to our students. This week was a time for such acts. The theme for the week was story. So many interesting artists use story as a jumping off point. In our time together we looked at cultural examples of story such as Indonesian Shadow Puppets. We made our own shadow puppets and performed them by the firelight. We created a Crankie. Crankies are machines that scroll a story across a frame. We learned about Cantastoria and the ancient art form or singing stories using visual aids. We made lost toys for each other, further exploring story through the eyes of someone else. We made stencils by the river and left our stories on the rocks as ancient cultures have always done. When we left, we were full of stories and ideas for both our own artwork and the lessons we would bring to our students. We were full and refreshed. Participating in this week allowed us to do what we must do every day, be creative, compassionate and connected.

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